walk two moons

why did you tell me these lies

and why didn't you look into my eyes?

look at me. be clear. be yourself. look more-

keys won't help you to open this door.

there's nothing bad in your tears

whether they did or didn't teach you about your fears

or taught you what you didn't want to believe in

mom wont come now, to hear what you are feelin'.

open your eyes; i cant help you no more.

open your eyes and see- what is happening now didn't happen before.

no one can tell which road you will choose

see? you are the only one that can decide if you'll lose.

אודות tamar schachter

אהלן! אני תמר שכטר- ירושלמית, מורה, מוזיקאית, מתכנתת, ועוד כותרות.
פוסט זה פורסם בקטגוריה שיר, עם התגים . אפשר להגיע ישירות לפוסט זה עם קישור ישיר.

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